Engage Your Audience With Live, Custom Illustrations of Your Presentation.

Most of us are visual learners – but important information  is almost always written or spoken. Add graphic recording to your next meeting and watch the magic happen!

Done for You

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is the process of creating large-scale, real-time infographics during a meeting, event, or presentation.

Audiences and participants retain more and are more engaged when we offer information verbally and visually.

Done With You

Creative Facilitation

Creative Facilitation brings embodied creative practice and visual templates to brainstorming sessions, strategy planning, and ideation meetings.

These tools help you literally see your ideas in new ways and make connections you wouldn’t otherwise make.  


Creative Skill Building

We are entering the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the defining skill of that revolution is Creativity

That doesn’t mean we all go become poets and painters, and that if you don’t have artistic talent that you’ll be left behind. Creativity is a skill that anyone can learn, and I can help you learn it.

Go Beyond the Brainstorm with Creative Facilitation

Business Planning

Building a business is an act of creativity!

In the 21st century marketplace, it’s no longer enough just to make a product or offer a service. Businesses have to find ways to delight, innovate, and wow their customers.

You need creativity, integrated with analytics. That’s where I come in.

Product Development

Develop the Next Big Thing in Your Industry

You’re probably already using visual tools in your product development work – things like whiteboards and sticky notes. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level? 

I bring in customized visual templates and hand you the markers. No drawing skill required!

Team Building

Get to Know Your Team in a Whole New Way!

Whether your team is brand new or has been working together for a while, engaging with each other on a deeper level enhances productivity.

Intentional Creativity® workshops help your whole team access shared knowledge in a fun, engaging, effective way.

Ready to Bring Visual Literacy and Creativity to Your Organization?

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